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Program Overview

Foreign Assignment™ Membership Program Overview.

As an international traveler and resident, you are part of a very special community. You also have special needs and expectations. We recognize your unique profile and have created an equally unique membership program to serve you! 

Foreign Assignment is focused on providing travel related services and useful city living information to diplomats, expats and similar groups on assignment around the world. We staff several locations with City Travel Advisors to help with this task, as well as constantly negotiate and develop special deals for our members.

To ensure we are providing the appropriate level of service to this community, we developed a straightforward membership program that recognizes different levels of need and interest.  Each member is then affiliated with a City Travel Advisor to ensure high service levels.

We Have Three Levels of Membership to Meet Your Needs.


Our ‘no-cost’ membership makes you our ‘DISTINGUISHED GUEST’!

This allows you access to most of our website content. You can also browse and book most available services, however, you will only enjoy our special discounts and deals if you are an ‘Executive Level’ member or above. You may also use any free services like our newsletters and tips.  


Our exclusive benefits are designed for ‘EXECUTIVE LEVEL’ members.

This membership level provides for a wide array of benefits in your local city and worldwide. From negotiated discounts, extra benefits and special terms to direct City Travel Advisor support and free access to certain tours and offerings.  All for a nominal annual fee.

Our most demanding members enjoy ‘PRESIDENTIAL LEVEL’ membership.

These members receive all ‘Executive Level’ benefits plus extensive personal attention throughout the travel process, from customized itinerary preparation, through door-to-door pickup and complimentary access to lounges and clubs.  Membership at this level is by invitation only.



Our advisory services, special provider rates, discounts and certain information are available to registered members only.


Unused Membership Fees are Refundable. No Questions Asked.

Due to the unique security and confidentiality needs of our members, Foreign Assignment LLC does not share membership lists, or confirm membership identity information, with any third party entities without specific instruction from the individual members.