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The internet has thousands of air travel ‘search’ sites. 
However for International and internal domestic travel, every city has just a few ‘great’ sites to choose from.
We’ve done the research, and our ‘tested best’ are listed below!  


To book your air tickets, we give you 3 options:

  1. You search for fares and itineraries that meet your needs and book directly with the providers below, or
  2. We’ll book your flights for no fee if you are also booking a destination tour, hotel or cruise with us, or
  3. We’ll search for great rates and book your flights. For ‘air only’ reservations, there is a $30 service fee per person, per ticket

Some providers and systems may charge a processing or service fee. This does not go to Foreign Assignment.
Our booking policies above apply to ALL provider options below.  


International Air Travel Options


Foreign Assignment Consolidator Fares
We have access to a wide range of international consolidator and discount fares (5%-45% off).
Submit a reservation request with your parameters for travel, and we’ll give you a quick idea of what’s available.  


Vayama.com – Compare 100′s of international airfares on one web site.
Consistently returns high quality international flight options, with nice mapping and price displays.
You can book directly on their site. 

Foreign Assignment Published & Internet Fares
This system accesses the global published and internet fares that you find on most online travel sites!
Book with us, and we’ll give you a free additional month of Executive Level Membership for each ticket purchased!


Low Cost Airline Fare Options

Momondo Search Site
Especially good for European and International (non-US) low cost fares, and others.
Check out their unique price/day display chart.

Specialty and Charter Air Travel

Medjet Assist Worldwide Medical Evacuation
Accidents happen. Medjet provides transport services if you are ever hospitalized 150 miles or more away from home. They will arrange for medical transfer to the hospital of your choice. 
Executive Members get 5% rebate on signon rates. Contact Us After Signing Up. 
Blue Star Private Jets
Blue Star Jets arranges access to the ideal private jet for any given charter flight to any destination in the world with as little as four hours notice.
Executive & President Members get 5% rebate on great charter rates. Contact Us to Arrange Travel. 

Air Travel Providers In Your City

Our City Travel Advisors look for great options specific to your city: fare deals, promotions,discounts & booking tips.
Check out your dedicated city website to see what’s available. 

Can’t find a good option above? 

Send us your desired itinerary and we’ll work to get you the best deal possible!